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 Welcome to DarkLight!

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Welcome to DarkLight! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to DarkLight!   Welcome to DarkLight! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2007 2:47 pm

Dark Light (or DarkLight) is a MMO project. Dark Light is only the working name (yes, we know, that Dark Light is the name of a puzzle game, too) and we're out to change it, when we are getting to a stable release.
The creators of this project are three (four) Estonian young man, who came to an idea of making a online MMORPG one day, when talking about other MMORPG games.
The game is not ready yet. We need people, who help us. We need programmers, game artists, modellers, game musicians... Of course, we are doing selfly very much, but we are humans, too Smile And our programming experience is not very high. (actually, Im the only one, who is really something like a programmer.) But we all are something like game artists.
We are hoping to release the game versions like this:
Alpha version at 2007 or 2008
Beta version at the end of 2008 or at the start of 2009
1.0 at 2011
Of course, this is the releasing plan only then, when we need to make all of this only with three people.
We have the plot of the game. We'll make another topic for that.

And now - we are presenting our administrators (this is, the three [at the moment actually two] people, who were mentioned in this text):
Myrt - Main Programmer (experience: (Visual) Basic**, Python*, C not really a *); he is trying to make his programming skills better.

LastLight - the game artist and game musician. He is very handsome, you girls Wink
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Welcome to DarkLight!
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